Advantages in technology of silicon tube bundle

Advantages in technology of silicon tube bundle:

1、Wide application range: direct buried, conduit, aerial, building; Specially under the complex terrain condition, the space is much more saved, such as manholes in the building, bridge, road crossing, railroad, river, etc;

2、Wide suitable temperature range: -60~70CO,construction temperature: 10~40CO;

3、Long application life: more than 50 years exposed under the non-sunlight;

4、Its distance of placement is the same as that of silicon duct, no coupler can be assured to be within the distance of 1000m manholes, no need to worry about the water entrance, convenient for the follow-up construction;

5、Full sealing for the whole system, good waterproof ness; Three outer sheathings (outer duct, aluminum foil, inner ducts) strengthen the mechanical protection to optical cable; and has sheathing function for aluminum foil.
6、Each inner duct is a separate unit so as not to be influenced to each other and it is convenient for maintenance;

7、Owing to the good flexibility of duct which can be freely curved, the damage to the duct and cable caused by the settlement of foundation can be effectively resisted;

8、Cable placement by blowing makes construction efficiency higher and optical cable much safer;

9、Compared with the optical cable by pulling, the optical cable by blowing is relaxed so as to prevent optical cable being endured the short and long tension influence and effectively prolong the application life of optical cable.

Post time: Jan-20-2022