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Jiangsu Eastmet Optic Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2019 We specialized in Fiber optic patch cord manufacturing , we transited to R&D fiber plastic products such as fiber optic closures and terminal boxes ; we began to be invoIved in fiber blowing. In 2019, we set up our own micro duct factory in Jiangsu Province. From 2019 till now, EMT has perfected total blowing solution .

Featured Press

  • Advantages in technology of silicon tube bundle

    Advantages in technology of silicon tube bundle: 1、Wide application range: direct buried, conduit, aerial, building; Specially under the complex terrain condition, the space is much more saved, such as manholes in the building, bridge, road crossing, railroad, river, etc; 2、Wide suitable temper...

  • Fiber Optic Closure Basics and Selection Guide

    What Is Fiber Optic Closure? Fiber optic closure, also known as fiber optic splicing closures, is a device used to provide space and protection for fiber optic cables spliced together. The fiber optic closure connects and stores optical fibers safely either in the outside plant or indoor building...

  • Aftersales And Training

    Training of Duct Placement: Features of Silicon Duct and Introduction of Connector; Groove Digging, basic requirement of Duct Placement and Notices for Backfill; Common Methods of duct placement to Joint Silicon Duct when met with bridge, manhole and branch road; Builders, Vehicle and Equippe...