Aftersales And Training

Training of Duct Placement:

Features of Silicon Duct and Introduction of Connector;

Groove Digging, basic requirement of Duct Placement and Notices for Backfill;

Common Methods of duct placement to Joint Silicon Duct when met with bridge, manhole and branch road;

Builders, Vehicle and Equipped Machines;

Testing Methods of Duct Run-though;

Repair Skill in the damaged duct in the emergency;

Made-out documents for the complete of  construction;

Notices for the construction;

Answer the question;


Training of Cable Placement:

Difference between cable placement by blowing and traditional pulling method;

Introduction of blowing machine and essentials of operation;

Choice of blowing point and steps of cable placement by blowing;

Requirements of blowing to the cable and notices during the construction;

Technical requirements of cable placement by blowing to the compressor;

Several factors to influence the blowing and corresponding countermeasures;

Disposal in the emergency of cable placement;

Judge of malfunction point of optical/electrical cable in operation and the duct repair after the sunlight;

Organization requirements on on-site construction and practice of  cable placement by blowing;


Consult Service and Technical Support

During and before and after the construction, suppliers will provide the constructor with technical consult service and on-site technical support in oral or paper at any time. 

Post time: Jan-18-2022