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Material (typical): Body: PC, impact resistant

Collect: POM, stainless steel teeth O-rings: Nitrile rubber


1. Blowing Pressure: Between temperatures of -20℃ and +50℃, all connectors size can be used for blowing operations at pressures up to 16bar.

2. Burst Pressure: > 26bar

3. Gas Tightness: Leakage at 16 bar gas pressure: 1ml/minute approx

Leakage at 0.7bar gas pressure: 0.1ml/minute approx

4. Water ingress: The connectors shall seal against a 6m head of water.

5. Insertion force: 50N max (5kg)

6. Retention force: 25N min (3mm m/d) 50N min (4mm m/d) 55N min (5mm m/d) 100N min (6mm m/d) 125N min (8mm m/d) (collect not held in) 125N min (10mm m/d) 350N min (12mm microduct) 300N min (14mm microduct) 400N min(16mm microduct)

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